from Manila to Amsterdam

MNL (iata code)Manila International Airport

In May 2010 there seems to be a daily flight with a KLM Boeing 777-200ER from Manila to Amsterdam.

KLM is the only European airline to fly to Manila. Lufthansa and British airways don't. They did in the past.

The Manila market is all about visiting relatives and friends (VRF-traffic), which isn't so profitable as the business market.

In 2010 KLM is considering the cease this route.

In the past also Philippine airlines has served this route, but in 2010 there seems to be a ban on this airline in Europe.

To get for Manila to Europe you can use Singapore airlines, Emitates, Qatar or Etihad with a stop in their respective hub.

The Philippine Internal revenue code, seems to inpose a 5,5 percent tax on the gross revenue of tickets in 2010.

This is contrary to international practices.

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