Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa airport was the new main international airport of Milan in 2000. But the low cost airlines have the use a terminal with much less facilities than the terminal for the long haul flights and Alitalia. The Italian govenment does everything it can to save an arline making a loss 10 out of 11 years before going belly up, and being taken over by the Italian Air One in 2009.

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Milan Malpensa airport (MXP)

Terminals: Milan Malpensa terminal 1 was a brand new airport at the start of the new millenium. Milan is the business capital of Italy. But Milan has always been competing with Rome to be the hub of Alitalia. Milan Malpense terminal 2 is used by low cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet in 2008.

Bus: Both terminals have a regular direct busservice with Milan central railwaystation in 2008.

Location: This airport is loacated 48 km or 30 miles from downtown Milan. Milan Malpensa is loacated too far from Milan with no fast connection to the city center, and there is still the Milan Linate airport nearly Milan city center, which is preferred by passengers and airlines for short haul flights. But, by missing these short haul flights at Malpensa airport, Alitalia was unable to make a long-haul hub there, as the feeder traffic from the short haul is missing. So in 2012 you will hardly find any long haul Alitalia flights in Milan. They all are concentrated on their Rome FCO hub

Passengers: With just over 19 million passengers in 2011 the airport isn't among the largest in Europe

History: The airport openend in the year 2000, but the old airport Linate remained popular afterwards for intra-european flights as that airport is loacted much more near the city center.

Milan: is the second largest city of Italy and it's economical capital. See Milan ...  See Milan in october 2003

Hotel: You can tarvel to Milan centrale: Hotel Garda (Via Torriani Napo, 21)

Airports of Milan: Malpensa (MXP) - Linate (LIN) - Bergamo (BGY)

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