Munich airport

Munich Franz Fozef Straus airport (MUC) is relativerly new airport in 2010 and second largest airport in Germany. Lufthansa has substantial fleet of long haul airliners based at this aiport. 

MUC (iata)Munich Airport
Terminals: Terminal 1 opened in 1992. Terminal 2 was finished in 2003. In 2009 Terminal 2 is used by Lufthansa and Star Alliance airlines, like United, Thai, Sas, ... Both terminals are witin walking distance of each other.

S-bahn: There is an excellent railway service between the airport and Munich city center (Marienplatz), but it takes a 45 minute ride.

Location: Quite a distance from the city center. It was planned after the former Munich airport was too small. This airport opened in 1992.

Airlines: This airport is a second hub for Lufthansa in 2010.

Passenger traffic:  with over 34 million passengers in 2008, MUC is the second largest airport of Germany, after Frankfurt (FRA).

Munich is the largest city of Southern Germany. See Munich ... It's the capital of the State of Bavaria. Munich photo collection >>>

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