from New York to Hong Kong

This flight is routed over the Arctic Ocean and the Bearing Sea.

with Cathey Pacific from JFK
In 2010 they offer 3 daily flights with a Boeing 777-300ER. They fly from New York JFK to Hong Kong (HKG)

with Continental from Newark (EWR)

Continental airlines flies their Boeing 777-200ER between New York Newark airport (EWR) and Hong Kong (HKG) daily in 2009. The Continental Boeing 777-200ER seems to leave New York daily at 3:55 pm and arrives in Hong Kong at 8:25 pm the next day as the westward flight crosses the internationala dateline. It'is probably the best they could do. You get up late in New York and don't have to hurry, because it's gong to be a very looooong day. Then when you arrive in Hong Kong you will be exhausted because it's very late for you. So arriving late at the airport, the best you can do is go to sleep which you can after landing at 8:25 pm as it will be at least 9 pm when you will be in bed and hope it will be morning in Hong Kong when you get awake. I never tried this route. You comments are welcome. See for contact details.
Continental airlines

The distance between New York and Hong Kong is 12.888 km or 8.055 miles.

New York to Hong Kong is a 16 hour flight which makes it an ultra long haul flight.

The return flight from Hong Kong to New York

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