In 2008, 21 frequencies became available and onlyAA/DL applied and got all of them:

AA - 7x MIA-Salvader (SSA) - Recife (REC)
AA - 4x MIA-Belo Horizonte (CNF)
DL - 6x ATL- Manaus (MAO)
DL - 4x ATL- Recife (REC) - Fortaleza (FOR)

In 2009, more 14 frequencies become available, and this time, AA/DL/US/CO applied for. In the end CO and US got them:

CO - 7x IAH- Rio (GIG)
US - 7x CLT- Rio (GIG)

For 2010, more 14 frequencies will be available and we may exepct some activity during the next 3 months as they will be effective October 2010

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