Singapore - Tokyo

Flighttime: 7 hours 10 minutes

Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines offers two daily flight between Singapore Changi airport (SIN) and Tokyo Narita (NRT) in the Summer of 2009.

On one of these flights the aircraft is an Airbus A380 and on the other one of the remaining Boeing 747-400.

United Airlines

United airlines has a daily flight between Singapore and Tokyo in the Summer of 2009.

Flightnumber is UA 804.

Departure in Singapore is at 7:10 am.

Arrival in Tokyo is at 3:10 pm local time the same day.

Onboard breakfast is served and a snack.

The aircraft is a Boeing 777-200ER. These aircraft can't reach the United States non-stop from Singapore, but make a stop on the way in Tokyo.
Distance between Singapore and Tokyo
5.299 km
3.312 miles
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