Brussels, Belgium

Centrally situated in northern Europe, Brussels is internationally important as the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city. Population (1992 estimate, greater city) 960,324.

Beenhouwersstraat in Brussels Koning Albert II laan in Brussels

The heart of Brussels and the place to start getting to know the city is the Grand'Place. This historic square, lined with exuberantly ornate guild houses and focused on the Gothic heights of the Hotel de Ville, is widely held to be one of Europe's finest.

The Grand'Place is also, as it has been for centuries, the focal point of the city's social and civic life. The people of Brussels gather here for their most important ceremonies and festivals, for the traditional bird market on Sunday mornings, and - perhaps most importantly - for no task more pressing than to sit, have a beer, and let the world pass.

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