London 2008

Big Ben & Houses of parliament

Big Ben is the worldfamous clocktower of the British Houses of Parliament.

Westminster is an area of London.

Westminster Abey is the place were all English Kings have been crowned.

The photo below was taken from the Lonon Eye in november 2008.

You can see Big Ben and the Houses of parliament.

The two white towers on the left are the towers of Westminster Abey.

The location is on the river Thames, upstream from the city center of London.

Big Ben

More images of this area of London

Big Ben from Parliament Square

Buckingham Palce

The area of London around the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament isn't a shopping area. You find pleny of offices in the area, especially govenment offices. There are only a few restaurants.

Big Ben is the name give to the main clock in the tower Big Ben

Withing walking distance of Big Ben is Buckingham Palce Buckingham Palace - Up