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With it's Schiphol airport nearby and Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) this city of canals attracts visitors from all over the world.
From the airport you can take a train several times each hour to reach the central railway station, right downtown.
canals of Amsterdam 
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The Dutch are always thinking economical. Amsterdam was constructed to be an efficient port with trading houses. When the Catholic Spanish King captured the high level city of Antwerp, the citizens who didn't want to obey the Spanish, had to leave everything behind and leave.Some left Antwerp for Amsterdam or any of the cities between. But life became different. These people had lost their trust in society as it turned against them. They didn't want the community to own anything of spend any money except for clearly legitimate aims. There was a tight control on what the community could do with the taxpayers money. They avoided all the hypocritic displays of greatness which are so typical catholic. No cathedral in Amsterdam. Compare that to Antwerp or Prague.

canals of Amsterdam
Canals of Amsterdam. In the Summer it's so much nicer than in winter, but you need the sun. More canals in Amsterdam - Up