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Second largest city of Belgium, just North of Brussels on your way to Amsterdam. Verlofdagen 2013.
 This city had it's golden age about 400 years ago and has remained an interesting city ever since. May is often a fine time of the year for a visit.

Since almost thousand years this is a prosperous city with a port. Today the citizens are reative and independant, but the government is social and allowed lots of immigration. The city is a mix of very different ideas and cultures. In supermarkets there is music. The people here enjoy this lifestyle. They have many singers. But also all other kinds of human talent can be found in Antwerp. There is a fashion academy, trading places for diamonds, chemical industries, chocolate shops, ... Some people from Antwerp are so creative, as to be so is part of the heart and soul of the city. Even the hyperlink (which links the internet) was invented by a man from Antwerp.  Unlike the citizens of Amsterdam, in Antwerp not everthing is economical. There is an extensive system  of all kind of services offerend by the government. Often social services, but also high level things like orchestras and universities. The private sector suffers from the high taxation, but also enjoys the advantage that the society as a group can do great things like opening universities or new businesses, without always having to think about the money. Corruption is a real problem in this sitation where the goverment and not money dictates what can and can't be done. The stock market is an invention of the citizens of Antwerp.

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The city has always been a place of trade. Today just north of the city lies one of the largest ports in Europe. In teh center of the city right next to it's magificent railway station, you will find the largest trading center for diamonds in the world. Antwerp is located just north of Brussels, so both cities are interconnected in many ways.

The Meir in Antwerp is the main shopping street and heart of the city center. It's 750 years old. - Up