Bangalore, Southern India

Bangalore has a moderate climate throughout the year due to its elevation at 1,000 metres above sea level. It's considered a city for all seasons.


Bangalore has maintained its beauty with a variety of parks, lakes, gardens and wide tree-lined roads. It's known for its mild climate.

In 2007 the city leads India in technological development and as a result has been nicknamed the 'Silicon Valley of Asia' as almost every IT-industry related multinational has set up a base here.

Many retired people live in the modern residential sections surrounding the congested inner city. real estate Population (1991) 2,651,000.

Since 1947, Bangalore has also developed into a major transportation and manufacturing center, with industries producing communications equipment, machine tools, aircraft, electric motors, printed materials, textiles, footwear, and timepieces. Bangalore is the base of India's space program.

Since the late 1970s it has also been developing as a computer software production center, home to more than 100 software and hardware companies.

A true melting pot of different people and cultures, Bangalore is as cosmopolitan as it gets. This has also resulted in the city offering a laid-back and leisurely lifestyle with over 200 pubs and a vibrant nightlife.

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Bangalore grew around a fort established in 1537.

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