Bilbao, Northern Spain

City on the Nervión River, near the Bay of Biscay.

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The Port of Bilbao is Spain's premier port in terms of shipping volume and water depth. Port :

Bilbao consists of an old section, on the right bank of the Nervión, and a modern section, dating from the late 19th century, on the left bank. Several bridges connect the old and new sections. The old section of Bilbao was severely damaged by a flood in 1983, but has since been restored.

Bilbao is the capital of Vizcaya Province, in the Basque Country autonomous region. Art  :

Hotel : - Population (1991) 369,839.

In the 19th century the demand for iron ore and steel throughout Europe led to renewed industrial growth in Bilbao. In the the late 19th century, on the left bank of the river Nervión, a new section of the city was added. Bank :

The fortunes of the city declined during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bilbao was founded in 1300 and became one of the leading seaports of Spain.

Between Bilbao and Madrid you will find the city of Burgos

University - Cheeses, milk, ice creams and desserts :

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