The city is situated in a savanna at an elevation of about 1005 m (about 3300 ft) and has a mild, dry climate.

It was constructed (beginning in 1957) on an uninhabited site to replace crowded Rio de Janeiro as the national capital. Population (1991) 1,596,274.

All the city's major buildings were designed by the noted Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

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The city layout, which was designed by the Brazilian urban planner Lúcio Costa, resembles a jetliner in shape. Along the fuselage; which is the city's main axis, are the offices of the national government; the wings; contain blocks of residential apartment buildings and foreign embassies. At the nose of the fuselage is the Plaza of the Three Powers, in which is set a circular, largely underground cathedral. Beyond the cathedral is the Palace of the Dawn, the presidential residence.

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