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Synagogue in Budapest

Towers of the Synagogue in Budapest

In the Budapest city center you can see this synagogue.

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What you see is white and red brick, but it's a masterpiece.

The towers are 43 m in hight.

The architect was Ludwig Forster, but Ignaz Wechselmann superintended the construction.

Ludwig Forster was born in Bavaria (Germany) in 1797, educated in Munich but moved to Vienna. He has been teaching architecture and his sons also became architects.

Ignaz Wechselmann was born in the Prusian part of Silesia (Germany) in 1928, educated in Berlin, and moved to Vienna, where he became fiends with Ludwig Forster, before moving to Budapest in 1856. September 6th 1859 the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest opened. It seems that Wechselmann remained in Budapest untill his dead January 17th 1903. - Up