Caracas, Venezuela

Major city on the Caribbean Sea.

Caracas is the commercial and industrial center of Venezuela. Population (1992 estimate) 1,964,846.

Caracas became the capital of the Venezuelan Republic in 1829.

Among the city's many industries are auto assembly, sugar refining, meat packing, brewing, leather tanning, oil refining, and the manufacture of paper, tobacco products, glassware, textiles, rubber goods, and pharmaceuticals. - Roses : - Chemicals : -

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The city was founded in 1567 as Santiago de León de Caracas and became one of the most prosperous Spanish colonial communities in South America.

It was sacked in 1595 by English buccaneers under the English navigator Sir Francis Drake.

In 1810, under the leadership of Bolívar, it became the center of the first revolt in the war for independence from Spain (1810-21).

During its history the city has suffered several earthquakes: 12,000 people were killed and most of the city was destroyed in 1812, and 277 people were killed and many buildings collapsed or were damaged in 1967.

In 1998 Hugo Chavez was voted president of Venuzela.

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