Cleveland, USA

Cleveland sits on the southern banks of Lake Erie in the State of Ohio.

Cleveland enjoys long, hot summer days, during which locals enjoy the many restaurants featuring alfresco dining, picnic in the surrounding state, national and municipal parks, or gather around the barbecue for casual entertaining.

Unlike many American cities, Cleveland’s Downtown is not only lively, it is the focal point around which the rest of the city nestles.

During its cold sometimes snowy winters, the city’s cultural attractions, including theatre, symphony, opera and museums, thrive.

The city saw a growth spurt in 1825 with the opening of the Erie Canal, establishing a water route between Lake Erie, the Ohio River and all ports south.

Subsequent railroad development advanced Cleveland further and, by 1855, it had become a hub for lumber, ore, coal and farm produce.

Cleveland developed as a centre for metal fabrication and oil refining and, by the 1930s, it had the vibrant look and feel of a major city.

Once known as a ‘steel town’ during the Industrial Era of Ohio’s development, it is now a healthy mix of manufacturing and service industries.

Cleveland still possesses a strong industrial base, although its economy has diversified into the service sector, as well as science, education and technology.

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