Córdoba, central Argentina

city on the Río Primero. capital of Córdoba Province.

The city is an important rail and manufacturing center and has a large trade in cattle and cattle products, wool, fruit, and vegetables. Córdoba also has a national aircraft factory, several automobile plants, flour mills, and plants producing plastics and building materials.

Population (1991) 1,148,305.


Córdoba was founded in 1573 by the Spaniard Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera and was long noted as a center of learning and piety. For 200 years the Jesuits made the city one of their headquarters in South America. At one time Córdoba was the capital of the Spanish colonial province of Tucumán. The city is the site of the National University of Córdoba, founded by the Jesuits in 1613; the National Academy of Córdoba; an astronomical observatory; and the National Meteorological Institute.

The beautiful hill country to the north and south of Córdoba is a popular summer vacation area.

Major cities near Cordoba :

Buenos Aires
650 km
Montevideo Asuncion


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