Dhaka, central Bangladesh

City on the banks of the Buriganga River in proximity of the bay of Bengal.

Dhaka is known as 'the City of Mosques and Muslin'. There are several hundred mosques: Baitull Mukarram-National Mosque, the seven Domed Mosque (17th century), Star Mosque (18th century) , Chawkbazar Mosque and Huseni Dalan Mosque.

In in 1972 Dhaka became the capital of an independent Bangladesh. bangladesh-parliament.org

Dhake is 400 years old, but the modern city was developed chiefly under British rule in the 19th century and was the second-largest city in Bengal after Calcutta. In 2005 around 15 million people live in Dhaka, which housed only a million persons 30 years earlier.

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