Dubai, United Arab Emitares

Known as the Venice of the Gulf, Dubayy is the chief port and commercial center of the United Arab Emirates. City of merchants, cultural crossroads.

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise: - -

During the Summer it's too hot in Dubai, so you will need air-conditioning.

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Dubai Creek is the main attraction with plenty of opportunities to get out on the water and there are good views of the city from many points along the creek. Gleaming skyscrapers dot the skyline, while the old trading dhows plough their way up and down the creek as they did a century ago. - - - -

Originally a small fishing settlement, Dubai was taken over in the 1830s by a tribe led by the Maktoum family, which still rules the emirate today. Municipality :

So began a trading empire based on gold, silver, pearls and spices. A fusion of Arab, Persian and Indian flair established Dubai's business acumen.

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Oil drilling in the area has largely displaced the traditional occupations of pearl diving, fishing, and camel breeding.

From Dubai there is a highway to Abu Dhabi

Major cities near Dubai

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