Houston, Texas, USA

The city has a humid coastal climate, with hot summers and very mild winters.

Situated near major petroleum and natural-gas fields, Houston is the center of the American petroleum industry.

Located at the head of the Houston Ship Channel, which links the city to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is an inland seaport and a major financial, distribution, and manufacturing center for the southern United States.

Houston is the 4th largest city of the USA. Real Estate

The metropolitan region leads the nation in petrochemical manufacturing and refining, and consequently ranks first in the manufacture of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Houston is the world's primary producer of oil-field equipment. Although the U.S. market for offshore platforms and drilling rigs has slumped badly, Houston manufacturing firms ship equipment to North Sea sites, and, in limited amounts, to the Persian Gulf. Companies based in Houston and other Texas cities have traditionally supplied technology and expertise to the petroleum companies of the Middle East and have made similar connections to governments involved in exploration and drilling in Southeast Asia. Other important manufactures in Houston include paper products, electrical and electronic machinery, and iron and steel. Houston also has mills for rice grown in the surrounding area.

Houston's specialized education and training facilities provide an extraordinary economic resource. University

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