Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore occupies a choice site in the midst of fertile alluvial plains.

Lahore is Pakistan's second largest city. The cultural, architectural and artistic center of Pakistan. Population (1981) 2,952,689.

Lahore is the site of architecturally significant buildings and monuments, many dating from the Mughal Empire (circa 1526-1707), during which the city achieved great prominence.

Lahore serves as a distribution center for the heavily industrialized surrounding area. Manufactures include textiles, metal products, chemicals, machinery, glassware, and leather and rubber goods.

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An educational and cultural center, the city is the site of the University of the Punjab (1882), the oldest university in Pakistan, and the University of Engineering and Technology (1961). An atomic energy research center is located in the city.

Lahore's heyday was  the Mughal era from the early sixteenth century onwards and, as Mughal power began to decline in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Lahore suffered a concomitant period of ignominy and political eclipse. Today the great buildings laid down by the long-vanished Mughal emperors may be seen in much of their original splendour. All the adverse influences since then seem to have been washed away, like sediment carried off by a flood, leaving behind the fundamental character and beauty of this old Islamic settlement.

The massively fortified walls of Lahore Fort speak eloquently of the centuries of passing history that they have witnessed. The fort encloses an area of approximately thirty acres and it is possible to spend many hours wandering there, lost in contemplation of times gone by, trying to reconstruct in your imagination a way of life that the world will never see again. The buildings within its walls are a testament to the gracious style of Mughal rule at its height, in which every man knew his place and courtly behaviour had been refined into an elaborately startified social code. Much of the architecture reflects this code.

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