Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles is an urban-suburban agglomeration built on a hilly coastal plain, with the Pacific Ocean on its western and southern boundaries.

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Population: Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, exceeded only by New York City. Los Angeles' population expanded rapidly during the mid-1980s, as immigration from Latin America, especially Mexico, and Asia boomed. The population increased from 2,966,850 in 1980 to 3,485,398 in 1990.

Mountain ranges are to the east and north. Also in the north is the San Fernando Valley, a part of the city with about one-third of the population, mostly in single-family homes, but separated from Hollywood and downtown by the Santa Monica Mountains and by Griffith Park, the city's major outdoor recreation area. In late October and early November 1993, brushfires spread through parts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and destroyed thousands of hectares of property.

In January 1994 an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale struck Los Angeles. The quake caused three major freeways to collapse. 57 people were killed in the quake, and thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed.

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