Nouvelair at Lyon airport in 2011

In Februari 2011 you could see this Nouvelair Airbus A320 in Lyon. Nouvelair is an airline owned by a Tunesian so called business man. December 2010 Nouvelair had 11 Airbus A320 in it's fleet and 2 larger A321. The airline merged in 2008 with Karthago Airlines adding a fleet of 4 aging Boeing 737 classics. Nouvelair was established by the French airline Air Liberte as an affiliate in 1989. The majority shareholder in 2010 is Aziz Milad who also owns hotels in Tunesia and busses for tourists. Early 2011 the brother of the Tunesian President was killed at home with a knife and the President left the country for Saudi Arabia. In Februari 2011 there was also major social revolt in Egypt and Lybia. The citizens dislike the corruption of the govenment and the lack of possibilities to persue happyness without connections with the govenment. In 2001 when the State and Swiss air owned Belgian airline SABENA went into banckruptcy, some of their Airbus A320 airlines made their way to Nouvelair. In 2011 the Nouvelair A320 seats between 177 and 180 passengers. Their A321 can seat 215 passengers. - Up