Medellín, central Colombia

City in a mountain valley at an altitude of about 1525 m (about 5000 ft).

Medellin is Colombia's largest city after Bogotá (the capital) and its principal manufacturing and transportation center. Population (1993 estimate) 1,594,967.

Products include steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, refined petroleum, and processed food.

Large numbers of commercial orchids are grown. Orchids are on display in the botanical gardens (the Orquideorama)

The city has a huge cathedral from the Spanish colonial period.

The University of Antioquia (1822), the University of Medellín (1950), the Pontifical University Bolivariana (1936), and the Autonomous University of Latin America (1966).

Medellín was founded in 1675, but it did not become a major industrial center until the 1930s.

During the 1980s the city became the center of Colombia's most powerful cocaine cartel.

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