Memphis, USA

City on the eastern bank of the mighty Mississippi River in the State of Tennessee.

Memphis is mamed after the capital of ancient Egypt – a reference to the Mississippi being the Nile of America.

Memphis, founded in 1819 by Andrew Jackson (later president) and two partners, grew as river traffic increased. It became one of the nation's busiest ports and was incorporated in 1849. - -

The city is an important cotton market, has large stockyards, and contains numerous manufacturing firms. Products include processed food, agricultural equipment, chemicals, wood and paper goods, textiles, furniture, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

The Bluff City. - -

The city's population declined from 646,174 in 1980 to 610,337 in 1990. According to the 1990 census, blacks constitute 54.8 percent of the population of Memphis, whites 44 percent;

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Memphis is a major transportation hub, with a busy river port, many railroad and highway connections, and an international airport.

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