Naples, southern Italy

An important seaport, Naples is built on the slopes and at the base of a range of hills bordering the Bay of Naples, an inlet of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Capital of Naples Province and of Campania Region. Visible from the city is the volcano Vesuvius.

The city is noted for its colorful street life, its food (spaghetti and pizza were developed here), and its songs, notably in the bel canto style.

Population (1991) 1,067,365 - University

Among the chief industries are tourism, shipbuilding, and the manufacture of chemicals, foodstuffs, gloves, iron and steel, and machinery.

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(Italian Napoli) The ancient Neapolis (Greek, "New City") was originally a Greek settlement. Although conquered by the Romans in the 4th century BC, it long retained its Greek culture. The mild climate and the beauty of the site made the city a favorite resort of wealthy Romans.

The Church of San Domenico Maggiore has a beautiful interior and is rich in sculpture and frescoes. Beside it stands the former Dominican monastery in which Saint Thomas Aquinas once lived and taught.

Writers: Goethe "Italiaanse Reis"

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