Newcastle, northeast England (UK)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The largest city in the north-east of England.

Newcastle has become around the millenium change synonymous with shopping. With several huge shopping centres, including Europe's largest, the city has become a Mecca for shopoholics all over the UK.

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Newcastle is exciting, friendly and vibrant, with great nightlife, sport and culture.   It's a compact and energetic place - most of the city's shops and businesses lie within one square mile. At night, the centre comes alive on a scale unmatched elsewhere in England - the bubbly nightlife with its carnival atmosphere is widely renowned. And with a buzzing nightlife and excellent cultural scene it is now one of the UK's trendiest cities, and definitely worth a visit.

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Newcastle has a rich and varied past, dating back to the Roman era, and at one time a quarter of all the world's ship building industry was centered here.

For several decades the city suffered economic decline and unfortunately gained a reputation for poverty. However recent years have seen extensive restoration and rejuvenation in the city centre and so Newcastle is now surprisingly stylish. 

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