Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The golf capital of the world. Phoenix is a popular destination for vacationers and conventioneers.

Products manufactured in the metropolitan area include aerospace and electronic equipment, processed food, metal products, cosmetics, sporting goods, paper items, and clothing. Government operations, tourism, research and development concerns, and construction are also important to the city's economy, as is nearby Luke Air Force Base. Agricultural products include cotton, alfalfa, durum wheat, vegetables, citrus and other fruits, and beef and dairy cattle. The health service industry is a large and growing part of the city's economy.

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In its early years, Phoenix became popular as a haven for winter visitors from North America's colder climates. Many people with health problems, particularly respiratory ailments, visited the area for its dry and relatively pollen-free air. After World War II (1939-1945) developers created huge planned retirement communities such as Sun City and Leisure World. Today Phoenix is a popular destination for vacationers and conventioneers.

Phoenix has become one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the USA. Several factors have contributed to the city's spectacular growth, including its temperate, dry, sunny climate during much of the year, its recreational opportunities, and its diversified industries.

The growth of Phoenix has radiated from the now highly developed original downtown. Several minutes north of downtown is a second site of tall buildings and commercial establishments, as well as Encanto Park. To the north and east lie affluent residential areas, along with high-technology and other light industries. Papago Park, containing the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo, is in the east. The west side is generally a lower-income residential area with some light industry. The smaller south side includes predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhoods, as well as older industries and distribution warehouses. South Mountain Park, one of the largest city parks in the nation, covers about 6900 hectares (about 17,000 acres) on the city's south side.

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In October 1870, several settlers founded the site of modern Phoenix. (a mythological bird that consumed itself by fire every 500 years and arose anew from the ashes).  The city's population first exceeded that of Tucson in 1920, making it the state's largest city. After massive floods of the Salt River in 1891 wiped out many of the canals, a huge modern flood control and irrigation system was developed around Phoenix. The federal government in 1902 authorized the Salt River Project, and the completion of the Theodore Roosevelt Dam on the Salt in 1911 assured the city of an adequate water supply and flood control, as well as a source of power for the development of industries. Since then three other dams have been built on the Salt. However, on several occasions in recent years the Salt River has flooded and caused damage to the area.

During World War II a number of military training bases and airfields were established near Phoenix. Following the war, thousands of army and air force veterans settled here. In addition, retirees and others streamed into the Phoenix metropolitan area, spurred by the development of affordable and reliable air-conditioning. Phoenix became the largest center of trade, transportation, finance, and government between Dallas, Texas, and the Pacific coast.

In 1985 the Central Arizona Project, which brings water from the Colorado River, was completed. This water has facilitated new housing developments and artificially created lakes. The tremendous growth of the city has brought with it problems, including urban sprawl, traffic congestion, air pollution, crime, unemployment, and homelessness. Many residents fear that the beauties of the desert are being destroyed by the rapid expansion of the city upon its natural periphery.

Phoenix is served by interstate highways 10 and 17, the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe railroads, and  Sky Harbour International Airport.

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