Salvador, eastern Brazil, Bahia State

Salvador is built on a steep incline and is divided into the upper and lower towns, which are connected by elevators, cable cars, and winding roads.

Brazil’s first capital maintains a great complex of colonial architecture. The city on a peninsula at the entrance to Todos os Santos Bay.

The principal industries of the city are shipyards, sugar refineries, cotton and flour mills, and tobacco factories.

the Federal University of Bahia (1946)

Population has grown from (1991) 2,056,013 to 2,711,372 (2006).

Salvador was founded by the Portuguese in 1549 as São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos. It was the capital and the seat of the governor-general of the Portuguese lands in Brazil until 1763. in 1889 Salvador became capital of Bahia State.

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