San Jose, Costa Rica

Situated at an altitude of about 1170 m (about 3840 ft).


Costa Rica's capital and largest city. Population (1991 estimate) 296,625.

San Josť contains a mix of colonial Spanish-style structures and modern architecture.

San Jose is a commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and cultural center for the surrounding agricultural region, in which coffee, sugarcane, and livestock are raised. 

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Government activities and tourism are also important to the city's economic base.

The University of Costa Rica (1843), which includes the Tropical Studies Organization and the Latin American Demographic Center

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The National Library; and the National Archives.

Points of interest include the National Museum, featuring displays of art and natural history materials; a museum with exhibits of religious art and artifacts; an 18th-century cathedral; and the National Theater.

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Established in 1736 as Villa Nueva (New Town), the settlement was selected as the nation's capital in 1823.

During the 19th century San Josť developed as a center for coffee production, and it became a major manufacturing city in the mid-20th century.

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