Shenzhen, Southern China

Coastal city with beautiful scenery with Hong Kong to its south.

The typical subtropical maritime climate it enjoys ensures the place a mild weather all the year.

In 1970 Shenzhen was established as a city, and in 1980 it was designated as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Its total coastal line is 230 km. Shenzen was a fishing village until the 1980s, and has developed at an amazing pace since then.

Over the past dozen years, Shenzhen has scored tremendous development in various social and economic undertakings, turning itself from a frontier town into a modern city in its primary stage.

Building materials:

Shenzhen has drawn up its blueprint for the 21st century, which is to build itself into a regional financial, information, trade, communications center, a tourist attraction, and the industrial base for China's high and new-tech industry, as well as an international metropolis by the year 2010.

Shenzhen is located in the south of Guangdong province.

Major cities near Shenzhen:

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