Shiraz, southwestern Iran

Located in the Zagros Mountains at an altitude of 1,600 meters.

Shiraz is known as the poetic capital of Persia, because two of the greatest poets of the world, Hafez (1324-1391) and Sa'di (1209-1291), come from this city.

Shýraz is a commercial center of the surrounding region, which produces grapes, citrus fruit, cotton, and rice. The chief products are Shýraz wine, which has been famed for centuries; inlaid articles of wood; metalwork, especially silver; rugs; brocades and other textiles; cement; and fertilizer.

Because of the city's altitude (1,600 meters) the climate is extremely pleasant. It is very mild in winter and not too hot in summer.

Nearby Persepolis and the international fame of its annual art festival have confirmed Shiraz as a tourist center.

Shiraz it is both a historic site and an attractive modern city, with gardens, shrines, and mosques.

Despite calamitous floods (1630, 1668), pestilences, famines, and earthquakes (chiefly 1824, 1853), remarkably much of the city survived.

"City of roses and poets"

- Sa'di, the traveler, was born in Baghdad and saw a great part of the world before he finally settled in Shiraz, where he died.

- Hafez on the other hand, was born in Shiraz and, except for one very short journey, never even left his city.

Points of interest in Shýraz include the tombs of the celebrated Persian poets Hafiz and Sa'di, both natives of the city, and the 9th-century mosque of Masjid-i-Jama.

The city is also the site of a university (1945).  The Bagh-e Eram, in Shiraz, famous for its gardens, is a typical late Qajar palace, now donated to Shiraz University.

Shýraz was founded in the 7th century and was the capital of Iran during several periods of its history. Population (1991) 965,117.  household appliances

The city, a trading and road centre for the central Zagros Mountains, is linked to the port of Bushire on the Persian Gulf.

The International Airport of Shiraz, connecting Shiraz with many cities in Iran and abroad, plays an important role in transportation of both passengers and goods.

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