Taiyuan, northern China

Capital of Shanxi Province, on the Fen River. Population (1990) 1,960,000.

It is a transportation and industrial center for China's major coalfield. Principal manufactures include fertilizer, chemicals, iron and steel, industrial machinery, cement, and aluminum.

Taiyuan was founded in the 3rd century BC near the ancient city of Chin-yang, a part of the Chao state (453-221 BC).

It was an important Buddhist center in the 6th century AD and was at times the northern capital of the Tang emperors (618-907).

In 982 a new city was established west of the old center.

Taiyuan became capital of Shanxi during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

The city was known as Yang-ch' during 1912-47.

Major cities near Taiyuan:

Xi'an Beijing

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