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Today this is a large city which is reasonably clean, safe and new in technology, but with a slight tendency towards the dishonest Balkan mentality. Vienna recieves tourists from all over the world, as not that long ago the city was the home of the Habsburg Emperors, who ruled a world wide empire from Spain to Mexico, all the way to the Philippines. An Empire in which the sun never went down. The Habsburg Emperors have been the main couterbalance of political power in Europe during the era of the French Kings. The Habsburg Emperors gained power over the Bohemian Kingdom and the Hungarian Kingdom, but also over the Spanish crown. They were less dictatorial and more enlightened than the French Kings. Their palce Schonebrunn in Vienna is a fraction of the huge palace of Versailles of the French Kings.

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Schonbrunn is a castle siuated within the city limits but outside the center.  You can reach with U4 from Karlsplatz in 2011.
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