Yaoundé, Cameroun

Yaounde is the capital of Cameroun. Population (1991 estimate) 649,000.

Yaoundé is a road hub in an area in which cacao, bananas, and coffee are produced; gold and titanium mines are also nearby. Manufactures of the city include tobacco products, vegetable oils, dairy and palm products, bricks and tiles, handicrafts, lumber, and soap.

Yaoundé is the site of many government buildings; a municipal stadium; the Pasteur Institute for Biomedical Research (1959); the University of Yaoundé (1962), a teachers college, and a school of administration, among several educational institutions; and, on artificially created Yaoundé Lake, a nautical club.

Yaoundé was founded in 1888 under the German colonial power.


Major cities near Yaoundé :



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