Port of Riga

Latvia - Letland

The Freeport of Riga is located along a 15-kilometer stretch on both shores of the Daugava River.

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from Riga by ship to:

New York






Ports of Latvia

Total cargo turnover of Latvian ports in the year 2002 was 52,2 million tons. Oil and oil products were almost 50% of the total cargo turnover. There are 10 ports in Latvia. The three main ones are Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja.

Ventspils is by far the biggest port in Latvia as well as on the Baltic Sea in 2001.It has the largest oil terminal in the Baltic Sea: oil and oil products accounted for about 70% of Ventspilsí throughput of 38 million tons in 2001. vbp.lv

Ports of Riga and Ventspils are operating as Freeports in 2002. Port of Liepaja is part of the Liepaja Specialized Economic Zone. Companies working in Freeports and SEZ can receive up to 80% tax discount. The amount of rebate depends on investments made during the tax year.


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