Abidjan railway station page

Abidjan is the terminus of the Abidjan-Niger Railway, which extends north into Burkina Faso. The line is still functional, but in general the colonial railway transportation infrastructure built by the French has been largely abandoned, replaced with roads and busses and trucks.

The Abidjan - Ouagadougou train has a reputation for often being stressed out
and delayed.

Abidjan to Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso is supposed to take 27 hours. When the train is cruising it goes 50 mph, but with about twenty intermediate stations (Perhaps the crew is worried the engine will overheat; perhaps a crew person needs to
defecate (the train’s toilets are very dirty)), the speed averages out at about 25 mph. But the same traject can take 60 hours if you are unlucky.

On a train ride out of Abidjan, the landscape is lush, with vegetation stretching up as high as the top of the train’s carriage.

Within a hundred kilometers of the coast, this lushness gives way to savannah.

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