Budapest nyugati railway station

This railway station is the oldest of Budapest and it's at the edge of the heart of the city where you find all the attractions and great architecture. Actually the railway station itself is considered an attraction. See it.

The railwaystation is situated on the pest side of the Dabube river, an not too far from the Danube nearby the place where there is an island in the middle of the Danube, and a little bit more towards the heart of the city, where you find most the the bridges across the Danube. See the location from the air.

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The railway station is located on a 30 to 40 meter wide boulevard, 4,5 km long, making half a cercle around the heart of the city, linking a bridge using the Southern tip of  an island in the river Danube in the north and another bridge over the Danube just South of the heart of the city center. Between these 2 bridges are 3 more bridges over the river Danube.

4 star Hotel Marmara Hotel Budapest on Nagy Ignac Street at a distance of 500 meter from the railway station, seems to be located in the heart of the city.

BUD (iata)Budapest airport

From this railway station there seems to be a rail link to the only airport of Budapest in 2009. The Western Railway Station (nuygati) seems to be the only railway station with this kind of service and with around 2 to 3 trains an hour, it's very easy.

The trip between Budapest Western Railway Station and the airport takes about 25 minutes.
At the airport the railway station is loacated near terminal 1. So, if you are not flying to or from terminal 1 (for the low cost arlines), it seems that you need to take bus 200E from terminal 1. There is a prdestrian walk between the railway station at the airport and terminal 1.

The airport is located 10 miles east-southeast of the city center.

As explained above, if you arrive at this railway station, from the airport, you will find yourself in the heart of the city.

In 2009 it seems that all international trains for Budapest are arriving and departing from it's largest railway station, which is the Keleti railway station. - Up