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There are several railway stations in London:

London Waterloo Station

The station is situated near Westminster Bridge at the other side of the river Thames than Big Ben. See.

Charing Cross Station

Charing Cross was opened in 1864. The station was the product of the Southern Eastern Railway's need to extend westward from London Bridge and get its Kent passengers right into London. Today over 37 million people pass through Charing Cross every year. See.

The station is situated near the river Thames close to Waterloo Station, which lies on the other side of the river.

London Euston Station

Euston Station was built in 1838 for the London & Birmingham Railway. Built at Euston Grove, the station was for many years the only north-bound railway exit from London. Designed in the classical style, the most notable feature is the massive Doric Arch entrance (demolished in 1962). Then a new building has been build.

The station lies in the proximity of London Kings Cross and St Pancras station.

London Kings Cross  and St Pancras Station

This station lies west of London Euston station. The station has been renovated to accomodate the International hi-speed trains to Brussels and Paris from 2008: 2009

From the station you have acces to 6 lines of the London underground.

London Victoria Station

GATWICK EXPRESS Links Gatwick airport to downtown London Victoria Station in just 30 minutes:

This station is situated near Buckingham Palace in West London.

Liverpool Street station

Trains from and towards Stanstead airport:

Railway between London and the Eastern counties:

Trains to/from London City airport.

Liverpool Street Station, the terminus of the Great Eastern Railway, was opened in 1874 - the last of London's great mainline stations to be completed. Its lines radiate to much of North East London and Essex, and out to Cambridge, Ipswich, Harwich and Norwich.

Cannon Street Station

This station lies near the river Thames. It's linked with London Bridge Station, which lies on the other side of the river. See

London Bridge Station

London Bridge is the oldest station in London: it was first opened in 1836. Today it serves over 42 million people every year. The station originated as two stations and this is still apparent in the combination of through and terminal platforms which make up the station. The through platforms lie on the Kent and South East London Routes into Charing Cross and Cannon Street. The remainder of the station is the terminus for routes from Sussex and South London.

This station is situated near Tower Bridge.

Paddington Station

Paddington Station was built as the London terminal of the Great Western Railway, which ran to Bristol and Cardiff.

The  Heathrow Express connect the Heathrow airport and the city.

The Station is situated North of  Hyde Park.

Marylebone Station

London's Marylebone Terminal, the newest of major London terminals which was opened in 1899 by Great Central Railway (GCR) when its London extension was complete. It has always been a "quiet" terminal; the fact that it has never been electrified symbolises this. After the closure of Great Central route in 1966, even the closure of Marylebone station was planned. However, now it is used as the terminal for Chiltern Line trains, which runs trains between Birmingham and London.

The Station lies near Paddington Station.

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