St.-Petersburg (Russia) railway station page

In 2007 St.-Petersburg has five major railway stations serving various directions: Baltiysky Rail Terminal, Vitebsky Rail Terminal, Ladozhsky Rail Terminal, Moskovsky Rail Terminal and Finlyandsky Rail Terminal. All of them, except Ladoga Rail Terminal, terminating in a dead-end.

from Saint-Petersburg by train to:

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Ladoga Rail Terminal

Opened in 2003. Built at a cost of nine billion rubles (USD 300 million).


Moscow Rail Terminal

The oldest (1851) preserved station in the city.



Baltic Rail Terminal

The station was modelled in 1854 after Gare de l'Est in Paris.


Tsarskoe Selo Station

On this location was the first railway station to be built in Saint Petersburg and the whole of the Russian Empire. As the first station was in wood, it was quickly rebuilt.


Finland Station

The station was built (1870) by Finnish State Railways as the eastern terminus of the new Riihimäki – Saint Petersburg railway.

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